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Bring your expertise to an online format, and both revolutionize your business and increase revenues.

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Are you or do you want to create training content to deliver online? Bringing your expertise to an online format can both revolutionize your business, and increase revenues. We can help.

Get ready to make more revenue, and spend less time training.

If you have considered offering live classroom training, you limit yourself to one physical location, and you limit your propects to a relatively narrow physical geographic area. Offering online and/or streaming classroom versions of your content, however, brings unlimited potential for revenue, as well as no limits on the location of your trainees!

Using a learning management system such as Axis LMS will truly enhance your current business model. Delivering additional ways for students to take their training, widening your reach well beyond your local area, saving you an enormous amount of time, all while increasing your revenue and profit!

Top Benefits

Benefits you will experience by implementing Axis LMS.

Mobile access and a custom mobile app means your trainees can access your training anytime, anywhere
Track and report on which trainees have participated and completed training
Automate emails for marketing or reminders for course completion and virtual class dates and times
Automate the generation and delivery of completion certificates

Once we implemented Axis LMS to deliver online versions of our classroom training courses, our sales have quadrupled, while we only needed to add 2 additional employees.

Paul Patti

Why Axis LMS?

Here are the top reasons to use Axis LMS.

Easily create online courses using your existing videos, presentations and documents
Use built-in e-commerce to offer for sale your courses and classes, along with discounts, coupons, group rates and more
Sell complete training and reporting capabilities to other businesses for a complete B2B selling soltion
Axis LMS branding abilities are the best in the industry, so go ahead and make the learning site match your business brand

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