Amusement Industry LMS

Axis LMS can support your training and eliminate a huge time constraint with automated documentation retention, which will also help reduce your liability. We have found that many businesses in the amusement industry are seasonal, so you may prefer a flexible seasonal pricing model to adapt to your peak-and-valley months over the year.

Create interactive and engaging training programs your part-time, young-adult employees can pick up quickly; opening up more time for face-to-face training. Automatic data trails are created so supervisors can instantly check to find who is qualified to operate different rides.

Find trends and improve training by switching away from pen-and-paper.

Top Benefits for You

Flexible payment terms for your seasonal business
Engagement, interactivity and ease of use for your young tech-savvy employees
Instant easy-access reports and data in the field where you and your employees are now

Why Axis LMS for Your Organization?

Training automation which saves you time and a better bang-for-the-buck solution and return on investment
A way to build a consistent education process, ever improving training library and better training program
A team of dedicated customer service reps, trainers and tech- team that offers you best practices for your industry
Get your administration tasks out of the way so you can spend more face-to-face time, and develop your team

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