Importing Questions into your LMS

The import question function in your Learning Management System allows you to quickly and easily import multiple choice style questions with a single correct answer into the LMS. To import questions into your system go to the Slides tab and click on the Import Questions icon.

Before you can begin importing your questions, you'll need to format them into the 11 line import format used by your LMS.

Each question that you import into the system must follow the following 11 line format. The first line must contain the question text, followed by a Hard Return, then a blank line (if your question or answer text contains line feeds/carriage returns, replace then with the following markup prior to importing: [br] ). The next 5 lines are answers A-B-C-D-E, each followed by a Hard Return. If a question has less that 5 answers, enter a blank line (Hard Return) for each missing answer. After the 5 answers, another blank line should follow. Next, the explanation should follow, then followed by a hard return, and then 2 blank lines.

Each question immediately follows the previous question. Here is the format:
  1. Question Text

  2. Answer A
  3. Answer B
  4. Answer C
  5. Answer D
  6. Answer E
  7. Explanation
  8. Question Text
  9. Answer A
  10. Answer B
  11. Answer C
  12. Answer D
  13. Answer E
  14. Explanation
For each question you must denote one (and only one) correct answer. You can indicate which answer is the correct answer by prefixing that answer choice with the following string [*]. So if "Answer A" was the correct answer, it would look like this "[*]Answer A" in your import file.

Once you have your question formatted into the proper format you can then import them into the System. Here's how you would complete the import process.
  1. Copy the contents of your formatted question file and paste it directly into the Question Text File area (make sure when doing this that you have word-wrap disabled in your text-editor and that the last question has all 11 lines, meaning leave two blank lines after the last questions' explanation).
  2. Click on the Validate button located directly below the Question Text File field to check each question to make sure it has 11 lines and that each question has one correct answer indicated.
  3. Select (or manually enter) the category that you would like to import the questions into. When you're importing questions all of the questions that are brought into the system during an import must go into the same category.
  4. If you would like to shuffle the order in which the answers are displayed to your users each time they view the questions leave the box next to Shuffle Answer Order for Imported Questions checked; otherwise uncheck this box.
  5. Click the Import Questions button to import your questions into the system.

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