Importing Users into Axis LMS

When you’re importing users in the Axis LMS, you have the option to bring those new users into the system as members of a usergroup, and a course.

To import users:
If there are any errors with your spreadsheet, you will see the trouble records highlighted and the first problem with the record in red.

You can highlight each field to see what the problem is. In this example, the username "Logan” is already used, and the email address field for "Kris” is not a valid email.

If there are any problems with the spreadsheet, you’ll not be able to import - change the problem records, save the changes, and try importing again.

When you do successfully import your users, you will receive a short report on what users were just imported. You will also be able to see when the users were imported by selecting a user from the Manage Users area, then looking under their full name at the top of the page.

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