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Integrate Axis LMS with Your CRM via Zapier
Viewed 24018 times since Tue, Mar 20, 2018
Integrating Axis LMS with 1,000+ Apps, Systems and Services is easy when you use Zapier. Popular services such as Salesforce, PayPal, QuickBooks Online, and Zoho CRM can send data to Axis LMS, at which point you can perform actions on the data. ... Read More
Printable Certificates in Axis LMS
Viewed 7024 times since Wed, Jul 17, 2013
The objective of many admins is to have their users earn a certification, or something akin to a certification. As an Axis LMS admin, you are able to customize how your certificate looks, and how your users earn and access that certificate. There... Read More
Axis LMS Website Designer
Viewed 6706 times since Fri, May 10, 2013
As a Partition Administrator, one of the most Powerful tools you have control of is the Account Website. This publicly accessible site will function differently from company to company; some choose to have it redirect straight to their Learning... Read More
Integrate Mailing Lists with Axis LMS via Zapier
Viewed 5686 times since Fri, Mar 30, 2018
Integrating Axis LMS with 1,000+ Apps, Systems and Services is easy when you use Zapier. Zapier is a service that allows applications to communicate with each other. Popular services such as MailChimp, Salesforce, PayPal, and QuickBooks Online can... Read More
Internal Messaging in Axis LMS
Viewed 5516 times since Mon, May 6, 2013
Email is a great way for reaching out to entities outside your LMS, but once your users are logged into the system, you want to keep them there - not send them back to their email client. The most effective way to communicate with users already in... Read More
Course Cheatsheet - Prevent Certificate from Appearing until user Purchases
Viewed 5200 times since Thu, Mar 28, 2013
Scenario: You want to offer a certification course - the complete content, as well as the quiz(zes) at no charge, but you do not want to enable the user to get their certificate unless they purchase it. Knowledge: For... Read More
Changing Banners in Axis LMS
Viewed 4772 times since Sat, Feb 16, 2013
Inside Axis LMS, there are several levels of banners you can set. When designing and selecting what banners to upload, keep in mind that the optimum banner size for page banners is 150 or more pixels high with the width of the image based on the page... Read More
System Cheatsheet - Changing User Login Image
Viewed 4220 times since Fri, Feb 28, 2014
Inside Axis LMS, an admin is able to customize both their users’ and managers’ login images by uploading a named image to your Files tab. Below is the very simple step-by-step you’ll need to follow. Find and name a ... Read More
508 Compatibility in Axis LMS
Viewed 4177 times since Wed, Apr 3, 2013
Inside Axis LMS, you have the ability to set any of your users into a strictly 508 compliant mode. While set to compatibility mode, the user -and what they are able to access- is locked down so that only content that can be 508 compatible will be... Read More
Blog Articles in Axis LMS
Viewed 4112 times since Wed, Apr 24, 2013
One of the many widgets available to use on your Axis LMS websites is the Articles Widget. Drawing inspiration from WordPress, this widget allows Axis LMS administrators (or their sub-admins) to author their own blog articles to be published in their... Read More
Getting Started with Page Groups for your Axis LMS websites
Viewed 4002 times since Thu, Jan 16, 2014
Within Axis LMS, you are able to restrict what pages a user is able to view based on what user groups they are a member of. Before you get started, you will need at least one user group. Once your system has at least one user group, you’ll... Read More
Branding your Axis LMS Courses
Viewed 3971 times since Mon, Nov 21, 2016
Courses are the primary method of tracking your users' progress within Axis, and because of how much time your users are going to be spending there, it’s important that you’re not limited to just changing a banner; with Axis, you... Read More
API Cheatsheet - Automating Enrollments with my Cart, CRM, HR or Other System
Viewed 3944 times since Sat, Feb 16, 2013
You can automate Enrollments into Courses from external CRM, HR or other Systems using Axis LMS's API. A typical example might be if you are using your own shopping cart, or when a new employee gets entered into your HR system, you also... Read More
Integrating Google Calendars into Axis LMS
Viewed 3900 times since Mon, Mar 21, 2016
If you’re already using Google Calendars, you may view Axis’ built-in calendars as more redundant than useful. Rather than update both calendars, Google Calendars can be integrated directly into Axis LMS. Getting the Embed Link Google... Read More
Building a Resource Library in your LMS
Viewed 3859 times since Thu, Oct 15, 2015
Resource Libraries are a way for Axis Administrators to share collections of PDFs, MP3s, and MP4 videos with their users on the Learning Portal Level. Unlike (for example) Videos shared via Modules, Resources accessed through these Libraries are not... Read More
User Localization in Axis LMS
Viewed 3788 times since Thu, Sep 22, 2016
Localization is an incredibly valuable tool that helps your company reach an even larger audience by allowing you to offer your Axis LMS content in a diverse selection of languages. When enabled, your user’s interface will adapt to display in... Read More
Learning Cheatsheet - Changing Learning Object Icons
Viewed 3647 times since Wed, May 18, 2016
Whenever you add a Learning Object to one of your Axis courses, that module is given a default icon to help both the user and the admins distinguish what type of content it is. By using the "Change Item Icon” button, the admin is able to use one of... Read More
Normal and Extended Axis Website Reports
Viewed 3607 times since Wed, Apr 10, 2013
When you're adding content to your courses, the Browse > Course Widgets section has both a Report Card and a Report Card Extended. This Extended Affix is also available for Quiz History and Course Activity. But how do you decide which... Read More
Axis LMS User Roles
Viewed 3578 times since Thu, Oct 13, 2016
Inside Axis, "Users” may appear to be a pretty broad term; but what it really boils down to is that a User is anyone with an account on your LMS who is capable of taking training. They are composed of employees, shoppers, students, merchandisers,... Read More
Collecting Profile Information in Axis LMS
Viewed 3479 times since Fri, Mar 24, 2017
Having completed user profile fields gives an Axis LMS administrator a lot of flexibility in the system - from Triggers to Reports, an admin can never have too much information to leverage, and pivot off of. Just how that information is collected... Read More
Axis LMS Calendar Entries
Viewed 3336 times since Wed, Mar 6, 2013
The Calendar App enables you to create entries for users to see on your Account Website and/or Learning Portal Website. In addition to entries you add via the Calendar App, other kinds of events may also appear on the user's calendar - for... Read More
User Event Triggers in Axis LMS
Viewed 3329 times since Mon, Sep 19, 2016
Event Triggers are the solution to many of the different scenarios you may encounter as an administrator. When triggered by a user’s actions, a chain reaction will occur somewhere else in the system; this occurs time and time again, and once... Read More
Integrating OKTA with Axis LMS
Viewed 3295 times since Tue, Feb 6, 2018
To begin integrating your Axis LMS into OKTA, you will need to already have an admin account with OKTA. While logged in as an OKTA administrator, you will next need to create the application for your specific Axis System. To do that, go to... Read More
Automating your LMS
Viewed 3031 times since Fri, Nov 13, 2015
The ultimate goal of many admins is to reach the pinnacle point where they can be completely hands off, allowing their LMS to automate both the user life cycle, and all of their administrative necessities; such as reporting. While this may be more or... Read More
Axis LMS - Using Notebooks
Viewed 2972 times since Wed, Apr 24, 2013
Notebooks are Virtual notebooks your users can create to take notes in their course. Users can create an unlimited amount of notebooks, categorize them by color and filter them. Users can type up their own notebook contents, highlight important notes... Read More
Connecting the Admin-User Environments in Axis LMS
Viewed 2857 times since Wed, Mar 29, 2017
As an Axis LMS administrator, you’re able to link an existing user account to your administrator login; this provides you a lot of new tools, that are otherwise exclusive to users. Linking Your Administrator Account New Axis LMS systems are... Read More
Staying Connected with Axis UserConnect
Viewed 2447 times since Thu, Oct 27, 2016
Inside Axis LMS, you’re able to host a social network exclusive to your system’s users. UserConnect is a user-focused aspect of Axis that is intended to be a fun way for users to engage with each other, but also to provide them with tools... Read More
Integrating External Forms into Axis LMS using Zapier
Viewed 2264 times since Wed, Apr 4, 2018
Integrating Axis LMS with 1,000+ Apps, Systems and Services is easy when you use Zapier. Popular services such as Salesforce, PayPal, QuickBooks Online, and Zoho CRM can send data to Axis LMS, at which point you can perform actions on the data. ... Read More
Use Your Shopping Cart with Axis LMS via Zapier
Viewed 1968 times since Tue, Apr 3, 2018
Integrating Axis LMS with 1,000+ Apps, Systems and Services is easy when you use Zapier. Popular services such as Salesforce, PayPal, QuickBooks Online, and Zoho CRM can send data to Axis LMS, at which point you can perform actions on the data. ... Read More
Getting Started: Branding your LMS
Viewed 1951 times since Tue, Sep 25, 2018
When you first step foot into the Axis Administrator interface, you may be tempted to jump straight to entering content. While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, taking the two minutes to set up some basic system-wide branding will go a... Read More
Axis LMS Website Designer Widgets
Viewed 1632 times since Mon, Nov 26, 2018
The Website Designer allows administrators to create a custom experience for their users through a variety of different means: branding, page groups, and a customizable menu. But what really has the most visual impact on your Axis Websites are the... Read More
Establishing your Axis LMS System Emails
Viewed 1458 times since Tue, Apr 16, 2019
One of the primary methods your Axis LMS communicates with your users is via email. Take the time to review your system’s email settings to make sure they’re being sent the way you and your company intend. You can access the broad... Read More
Working with Checklists in Axis LMS
Viewed 794 times since Fri, Jan 17, 2020
Checklists are a way for Administrators and Managers to track a User's progression and competency in activities outside Axis LMS. Completing Checklists can be either administrative-only, where a manager or admin checks off individual items for a... Read More
New Website Options in Axis LMS
Viewed 252 times since Mon, Dec 7, 2020
Version 10.8 of Axis LMS bring a lot of new tools for conducting and managing your learning, and to help facilitate that learning, new widgets have been introduced to both the Learning Portal and Account Website. On top of these new widgets, new... Read More