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Working with Slides in Axis LMS

Slides are the backbone of almost every module type in your Axis LMS. They are used in two primary forms: informative and inquisitive. Informative slides have been largely replaced by SlidePoint, but continue to excel at providing in quiz information as well as presentation - quiz combinations. Strictly informative slides are created by creating a Presentation Slide. Inquisitive slides will be your main online method of testing your users. They come in eight different varieties:
  1. Multiple Option
  2. Multiple Response
  3. Matching
  4. Fill-In-The-Blank
  5. Pick List
  6. True / False
  7. Yes / No
  8. Essay
No matter the question style, there are many elements you can add to the Slide to enhance it and make it truly stand out against your competitor's.

When you're creating / editing your slide (accessed via the Learning Tab, then clicking Online Courses >Learning Objects >Quiz Slide Bank), there are two basic area that you need to fill out: the content and the category. The content area has two input methods, either traditional input or an HTML editor. Also included in the content editor is the ability to add images, hyperlinks, audio, HTML5 videos, youtube videos; as well as basic functionalities such as highlights, underline, and more. There is no shortage of tools to make your slides look slick and professional.

If you're working on a question slide, your content section will also have an answer area; this can be a check box for True / False questions, input fields for Multiple Option or Response, or a single input field for Essay and Fill-In-The-Blank style.

Before you can save your slide, you'll need to categorize it. If you've already created some categories, those categories will appear in the drop-down; you can also create a new category by typing its name into the field below the drop-down.

Once you've categorized your slide, you are technically done and able to save it. But we wouldn't limit you to so little customization. There are (depending on your slide style) two additional tabs on the top of your slide editor: Optional and Other.

The Optional Tab unique to question slides and is used primarily for feedback depending on how the user answered the question. There are two areas you can fill out here: the Reference / Explanation and Immediate Feedback areas. The Reference / Explanation is used primary for the backend report for the user and will appear in emails that are sent to the user with their quiz results. The Immediate Feedback area will only appear inside of Non-Graded quizzes.

The Other Tab is composed of four sections:
  1. Author's Notes: Exactly what it implies; an area to write yourself notes regarding this slide.
  2. Change Log: This area will update itself and keep a record of every time this slide was saved
  3. JavaScript Code: This area is here for advanced users
  4. Slide Sharing: This checkbox allows you to share this slide with other admins and/or managers on your system
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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