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User Groups in Axis LMS

Groups are a major part of your LMS, and many activities you can perform will be on a group by group basis; so creating groups of users will be an important step to using your system to its full potential.

Creating a Usergroup

Creating a group is very simple; go to the Users tab, click the Manage Usergroups tile, then click on the Add Usergroup icon. Name the Usergroup something meaningful, Add, and you've just created a Usergroup. 

Manage Usergroups

Managing Usergroups

You've just created your Usergroup, but that doesn't mean there is anyone in that group. There are several ways to put users into your new group:

  1. When you add or import users, you have the option to add them to a group
  2. If you've already created your user, you can edit that user to add them to a group
  3. Triggers allow you to add a user to a group when they complete an action
Now that you've populated your group, there are areas all over your system that will become much more efficient:
  • Reports - Filter reports by group
  • Messaging - Send messages by group
  • Calendar - Set up events that will only display to select groups
  • Discounts - Give a Group a discount for any purchases from your cart
  • Competencies - Allow users from selected groups eligible to achieve different competencies
  • Forums - a discussion board just for Users in a Group
When you manage a particular usergroup, you can perform mass functions that will apply to all members in the group you are working with:
  • Enroll / Disenroll Users in a Course
  • Reset Users in a Course
  • Add / Remove Users to / from Another Usergroup
  • Add / Remove Users to / from an Organizaton
  • Edit Users
  • Export Users to Excel
  • Deactivate Users
Usergroup Global Tools
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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