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System Cheatsheet - Changing User Login Image

Inside Axis LMS, an admin is able to customize both their users’ and managers’ login images by uploading a named image to your Files tab.

Below is the very simple step-by-step you’ll need to follow.
  1. Find and name a .png image on your desktop or PC "user_login_image.png”
  2. Inside Axis LMS, go into your Files area on the System tab
  3. Go into the File Manager
  4. Into the _images folder
  5. Upload your name file
    Make sure to check the Overwrite Existing Files Option
Once the file is uploaded, you should see the changes reflected immediately by going to your Users’ Login Page. To change your Managers’ Login icon, follow the same steps, but name the file "manager_login_image.png”.
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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