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Refreshing Course Listing from SCORM Completion

If you are using SCORM and uploading your Lessons and Activities, you may notice that (unlike every other module type) the course listing page is not refreshed and updates with the status after a user completes the SCORM activity.

This is due to the way SCORM operates.

However, depending on your Authoring software you are using to create your SCORM activities, there may be a way to achieve this.

If you are able to add Javascript code as an event, you can call the appropriate Javascript code to perform the refresh.

For example, you may have an EXIT button at the end of your activity which closes the window.

In this case, you would add Javascript to the CLICK event of that button to do the refresh.

As far as the actual code to add, this one is the most likely to work:

If that doesnt work, try this one instead:

The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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