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Organizations in Axis LMS

Organizations are a comprehensive method of grouping your users into meaningful collections. Capable of being nested inside one another, administrators are able to use Organizations for creating hierarchies, districts and sub-districts, talent-filters, and more. 

Organizations can be used as a way to more accurately represent and project your company’s employees and their departmental/physical breakdown in your Axis LMS. 

This company has locations across the east coast. Selecting the Northeast brings up a list of all the State-branches within the Northeast. Focusing in on New Jersey shows the two city-Branches within New Jersey. 

This company uses Organizations to break down their users’ skillsets. The "Coding"-branch brings up a list of some of the different languages users may be proficient in. Selecting HTML-branch shows all the users who are proficient in that language. Users in the HTML-branch can also appear in other branches.

By utilizing Organizations, and placing users in their correct location, you open up the ability to utilize Report Admins for your LMS. After creating a Report Administrator, you can assign them a Course, a Course Group, and all or a part of an Organization.


The Report Administrator above has access to view reports on all users from the Northeast Region, downwards. This means that even though they weren't specifically assigned certain branches and sub-branches, because they were assigned the Northeast region, they can also see all branches and sub-branches of CT, MA, NJ, NY, PA). 

Creating an Organization

Organizations can be created from your Users area, and Managing Organizations. You'll want to begin by Creating the topmost piece, from which all the Organization's "branches" will stem from. Only the Name is required for now. 

After creating the top-most layer, you can add Branches to the Organization; which users can then be added to. 

Both Learners and Managers can be a member of any and all organization. Being a member of an Organization Branch means that that user is a part of every piece of the Organization from that branch upwards.

The user above will appear for Report admins filters by Atlantic City, New Jersey, North East Region, and East Coast. 

Managers can also work with Organizations, beyond just existing within one. When creating or editing an Organization, the Administrator can check two additional checkboxes which dictates if/how Managers can work with the Organization and its Branches. 

These checkboxes apply the settings to the Organization as a whole. This doesn't mean that managers have unlimited access though; just like in other hierarchal settings, managers only have access to work from the branch they exist in and downwards - they cannot interact with anything above their branch(es). 

The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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