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Learning Cheatsheet - Retaking Quizzes in Axis LMS

If your users are having a rough time with one of your Learning Objects, you may decide to allow retakes of that Learning Object. 

To allow retakes of a quiz, you will need to go to that quiz's properties / settings (Learning > Online Courses > Work with Learning Objects > Learning Objects > Manage Graded Quizzes > Edit ). From the Graded Quiz's dashboard, select its General Settings. Here you will see a setting "Allow Retakes" that has two options of having your user Retake on Pass and / or on Fail

If you end here, your users will be allowed to retake learning objects an infinite number of times. However, you may decide that your users have only five chances to pass this quiz. To limit how many times your user can retake this quiz, navigate back to the quiz's dashboard and select Graded Quiz Settings. Here you will see the Max Completions option, which by default is an unlimited amount of times. You can adjust this number anywhere from one to one hundred.

To read more about Graded Quizzes, check out this article: Graded Quizzes in the Axis LMS
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