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Learning Cheatsheet - Course Dashboard

Familiarize yourself with the Axis LMS Administrator Course Dashboard.
    Learning > Online Courses > Manage Courses > Manage
At the top of the dashboard, Administrators will see the Course Thumbnail, the Course Name, assigned Category ID, and the Description users see.

Course Header

Quick Tools

These are the three areas administrators most frequently use. Each tile is also an icon in the Course Tools area.

Course Quick Tools

Course Tools

From the Management Dashboard, you have access to every tool you need so that can customize every aspect of your Course.

Course Tools
  • Branding & Design - visuals can be micromanaged from this area
  • Course Certificate - inside this area you can customize the Course Certificate and validity rules
  • Course Content - add and create Learning Objects and Offline Activities from your System into this Course
  • Course Groups - add or remove this Course to different CEU and Action groups
  • E-Commerce - set the price and cart category for the course
  • Javascript - add Javascript to every page of your course using this section
  • Offline Learning Activities - create Offline Content just for this Course
  • Page Manager - customize each page with its own content sections and sub-sections
  • Progress & Score Weights - determine how much each module is worth inside this Course
  • Settings - adjust enrollment duration, set CEU credits and assign course keywords from here
  • User Event Triggers - lets you fire off events based on user actions inside of a Course
  • User Links - this contains links specific to this course, such as Direct Course Login
  • Users - view the course’s User Roster, Enroll, or Reset users for this Course (you can Add users from here too!)
  • Change Log - See the changes that have been made to this course, and which Manager or Admin made the change.
Course Roster
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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