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FAQ for your Axis LMS Users

Your Axis users are unlikely to ever see or work with the admin interface; so it will sometimes fall to you, as the admin, to interpret their questions, and understand how their inquisitions translate into the admin environment.

Below are some of the most commonly asked question from your users, and how you can diagnose and resolve them.

1) "How do I log in?"

The first problem your user could ever encounter. There are two main reasons a user would be unable to log in.

The first is that they are entering their login credentials incorrectly. Encourage your user to make sure they've double checked the email invitation with their credentials; capitalization does matter in passwords, so if all else fails, have the user just copy and paste their password from the email.

The second reason is that the user's account is not active. Each user is capable of having a System Start and System End date. If your user is certain they are entering their credentials correctly, check their Active dates, and make sure they are within that window.

An even easier method of checking this is to go to your Users tab and see which tab your user shows up within: Active or Inactive.

Uncommon reasons a user would be unable to log in include the user failing to complete their purchase (creating an Inactive User), or trying to log directly into a Course they do not have access to.

2) "Can I take Training from my Tablet or Phone?"

Yes. While training in Axis LMS is usually best experienced on a desktop, it is possible for users to access all their training from a tablet or phone. The only requirement is a modern browser, and a stable connection. If for some reason Axis LMS is not functioning as expected on a mobile browser, encourage your user to use the default browser for their device.

3) "Why can't I take this quiz/watch the video/access the document?"

There are two main reasons why this may be occurring, depending on your Course setup.

The first reason is that the subsection they want to take training from requires the content to be taken in order. Make sure your user has completed the items prior to the quiz or content they are trying to access.

The second reason is that the piece of content they're trying to access has access limitations; such as a certain number of attempts, locking users out after passing, after failing, or after another piece of content has been completed.

4) "My quiz/video/presentation/document won't open"

Not to be confused with being unable to take a quiz (#3), there are two circumstances where a quiz will (seemingly) not appear when opened. 

The first case is that the user's browser is blocking pop-ups. While there is a pop-up checker widget built into each course by default, if this was removed, or the user did not test it first, allowing pop-ups from your Axis system is the most common solution. 

The second case if that the window has popped up, but it is behind the main screen. Exceptionally rare, but worth mentioning for users who are accessing the LMS from an outdated browser. 
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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