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FAQ - Axis LMS Keycodes

Inside the Axis LMS, you can sell your courses to resellers utilizing the concepts of "KeyCodes” and "Agents.”

What is a KeyCode?
    A KeyCode is a unique code generated by your LMS that users can redeem for Courses, or can be redeemed for on their behalf.

How is a KeyCode generated?
    Your LMS generates KeyCodes several different ways:
    1. When an Agent purchases KeyCodes, KeyCodes are generated on the fly - one for each one ordered by the Agent.
    2. A Partition Admin can create an infinite number of KeyCodes using the KeyCode app, which they can optionally give to Agents.

Do KeyCodes expire?
    Be default, KeyCodes are good forever. However, this is a system config value, and can be adjusted for all new KeyCodes by submitting a request via the ticketing system.

How can I list KeyCodes for sale?
    Course KeyCodes can be listed for sale by going into your Course’s E-Commerce Settings. In addition to making them purchasable, you can also set up special bulk-purchase discounts.

When a User redeems a KeyCode, how long are they enrolled in the Course for?
    When a User redeems a KeyCode, their time in the Course is set to the Purchase Duration set at the time the KeyCodes were generated.

    Example: A User, Sam, who has 4 days remaining in a Course redeems a KeyCode that was created when the Purchase Duration was a 60 day enrollment. Although the the Purchase Duration has since been changed to 30 days, because the KeyCode was purchased before this change, Sam’s Course Duration is set to 60 days. The duration is set, not additive which would result in 64 remaining days.

What is an Agent?
    An Agent is someone who can purchase and manage their own KeyCodes. They can be third party resellers, teachers, etc.

How do I create an Agent?
    Any User who has the Role of an Manager is effectively an Agent.

How do my Agents purchase KeyCodes?
    When an Agent logs into their portal, they will have access to a KeyCodes app. Here they can purchase new KeyCodes, and manage existing ones.

What discounts are factored into an Agent’s purchase?
    In addition to the bulk-purchase discount, ‘trigger’ discounts and coupons can also be applied to an Agent’s KeyCode purchase. ‘Trigger’ discounts and coupons are applied to the subtotal, before tax; bulk-purchase discounts adjust the price of each unit.
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