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Customizing an LMS Course Certificate

Inside the Axis LMS, your course certificates can be locked down until a user has achieved certain criteria you’ve set. These certificates can also be edited in an interface that is more intuitive and customizable than ever.

To customize your course’s certificate, you’ll want to select the course from the Manage Courses area, then open the Course Certificate icon.

There are two checkboxes you can check off to determine if a user is able to access this certificate. These are cumulative - checking one does not excuse the user from achieving the other requirement.
You can require users to have:
  • Completed 0-100% of the Course
  • Require an average of 0-100% of the Course

Users may be able to open a Course Certificate anytime, but it will be bland until they reach the requirements

The course certificate is just an HTML page, so your designs are limited only to your knowledge of the subject, and the dimensions of the printed certificate. Using the default certificate as an example, the certificate consists only of an image with three placeholders fields layer over top of it using absolute positioning.

If you’re going to be using the default certificate as a template (and don’t plan on moving any of the lines), you may want to take the existing background and bring it into a photo editing program. When you’ve successfully ‘branded’ the background, you can bring it back into the LMS and direct to the new certificate from within the HTML editor. The default background image is 792px wide by 576 pixels wide; you can find the image’s pathway inside the Course Certificate’s HTML editor.

If you want to move any of the placeholders, you will need to know some HTML how-to and a completed certificate background so you know where you need to move the placeholders to. You are able to include user profile fields, as well as some select course data as placeholders on the certificate.
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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