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Creating Articles in Axis LMS

Articles enables you to create and organize articles for use with your Account Website and your Learning Portal Website.

Creating and Managing Articles
You access the Articles from the System tab > Site Design > Articles icon.

Once there, you can either ADD an article, or MANAGE (then edit) existing articles.

When adding or editing an article, you can assign a title, category, and then the actual article body. You can easily add images, buttons, video's and more using the rich-text editor.

The category you assign to the article is useful for both filtering the listing results from your admin view, as well as determining what articles to display when you set them up in your Account Website and/or Learning Portal Website.

Adding Articles to Your Account Website and/or Learning Portal Website
You can add article 'widgets' to your Account website as well as your Learning Portal Website from the Site Designer ( SYSTEM > SITE DESIGN icon > ACCOUNT WEBSITE or SYSTEM > SITE DESIGN icon > LEARNING PORTAL WEBSITE ).

From there, click ADD A PAGE (or EDIT an existing page), then click ADD WIDGET button, then click ARTICLES. The article widgets will appear. Click on one to insert it, then click the EDIT button at the bottom to configure the widget (the settings will be different depending on the widget you choose).

The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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