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Connecting the Admin-User Environments in Axis LMS

As an Axis LMS administrator, you’re able to link an existing user account to your administrator login; this provides you a lot of new tools, that are otherwise exclusive to users.

Linking Your Administrator Account
New Axis LMS systems are already created with an admin-user link. If you need to change the linked user, start by creating a User in your Axis LMS. This user should be a user that is not actively participating in training, as some of the functions for testing courses will add/remove score and tracking data for the linked user. Once your User is created, go in your System tab, and then click the Partition Account tile, and then click the Settings icon to link your user.
    System > Partition Account > Settings

Testing Courses with A Linked User Once you are linked with a user account, you are also able to quickly one-click test your online courses. While managing any course, click the Test This Course button to automatically enroll and launch the course as your linked user. While the course is open, you can also backtrack to your Learning Portal to test out your changes in real time.

    NOTE: Make sure you click the "I'm Done Testing button once you are finished testing to remove the score and tracking data for the linked user.
Additional Tools Available to Linked Users
After linking your admin account to a user account, your administrator interface will immediately update to reflect the change. New toolbar icons will become available, allowing you to quickly access Live Chat, and your UserConnect Profile. These icons are present on every page, alongside your Helpdesk tools.

Live Chat, and your UserConnect Profile are also accessible on the Communicate tab.

Linking Sub-Admins
The above information is pertinent exclusively to the Partition Admin. For sub-admins, linking a user is achieved by assigning a username to their sub-admin login that matches a username for a user account. If, for example, your Sub-Admin logs in with the login name "maple", their associated user would have the username "maple". If the sub-administrator has access to the Users tab, they can create this user themselves, establishing this connection
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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