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Changing Banners in Axis LMS

Inside Axis LMS, there are several levels of banners you can set. When designing and selecting what banners to upload, keep in mind that the optimum banner size for page banners is 150 or more pixels high with the width of the image based on the page width you select. A banner does not have to fit these dimensions, but you can always fall back onto this size if you can't come to a decision.

The four page banners are listed below; if you are unsure about what banner your users will see, check the roman numeral beside the name - the highest value will always be the one displayed.

Default Banner / No Uploaded Banner (I)
When all else fails, Axis LMS falls back to this image. Until a new banner is uploaded, all users will see this image.

Learning Portal Banner (II)
When a user first logs into Axis LMS, this is the banner they'll be greeted with. If no banner has been uploaded, it will use the default banner. You can replace this banner by going to...
    SystemSite DesignLearning Portal Website Edit Learning Portal Settings [gear icon]
Once here, clicking on the page banner's "Choose" button will prompt you to select an image file. Once the file is upload, all you need to do is "Submit Changes" at the bottom of the page.

    Uploading a banner via the Quick Branding page will overwrite both the Learning Portal Website Banner, and the Account Website Banner

Usergroup Learning Portal Banners (III)
You may choose to make your learning portal more personalized and tailored to a specific group. In this case, usergroup learning portal banners will usurp an uploaded Learning Portal Banner (II), if that user is in a usergroup with a banner. Assuming you have already created the usergroups, you can upload usergroup specific banners by going to...
    SystemSite DesignLearning Portal WebsiteEdit Learning Portal SettingsShow Advanced Page Banner Settings
Once you click on the "Show Advanced...." button, all your usergroups will be listed. You can click on the pencil icon next to each group to upload a banner specific to that group.

If a user is in more than one usergroup with their own banner, the banner of the first alphabetically listed group they're a member of is the one that will be used.

Course Banners (IV)
The final banner type is the course banner. This banner will trump every other banner type while a user is on one of its course pages. This banner can be replaced by going to...
    LearningOnline CoursesWork with Courses[select course]Branding & DesignChoose [Banner]

The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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