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Building a Resource Library in your LMS

Resource Libraries are a way for Axis Administrators to share collections of PDFs, MP3s, and MP4 videos with their users on the Learning Portal Level. Unlike (for example) Videos shared via Modules, Resources accessed through these Libraries are not tracked in any of your reports.

Resource Libraries are added to the Learning Portal via a Library Widget. There are four different variations - one for each resource type, and one culmination. These can be added onto Portal Pages by going to System > Site Designer > Learning Portal Designer | Account Website > Edit [page] > Add Widget > Libraries.

From the screenshot above, you can see the four different libraries that can be added.

After adding a Library widget, editing the Widget brings up a selection of different settings to display in a Tile View, include a search box, and a toggle listing of what types of files to display.

After adding a widget to a page, the widget will need to be edited to select which library should display in that widget. If there are no libraries to select from, read below.

Creating a Library

Creating a library for Library widgets is really easy, as it is all done through the built-in files area. The first step if to build the library’s folder [System > Files > File Manager > /_other > /libraries]

From within the /libraries folder (which may need to created if it doesn’t already exist), the next step is to create a folder for the resource Library widget. Each folder you create within the libraries folder will be a selectable library for your widget

After the library folder is created, it still needs to be populated with content (MP4s, MP3s, PDFs). Each file type does have its own default icon in place, but can be overwritten on a file-by-file basis, all it takes is one additional file.

To replace the default icon for an individual file, upload a PNG file with the same name as the associated file. For example, if an MP4 titled "Introduction_to_Heavy_Machinery.mp4” has been uploaded, to overwrite the default MP4 icon, a file would need to be uploaded to this same folder named "Introduction_to_Heavy_Machinery.png"

This concept of using a mimicking a file name can also be used to set a description for your different resources. To make a text description appear when a user hovers over the resource "Introduction_to_Heavy_Machinery", upload a TXT document of the same name ("Introduction_to_Heavy_Machinery.txt") into the same library folder. Whatever text is within that file will be displayed when a user hovers over the "Introduction_to_Heavy_Machinery" resource.
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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