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Axis LMS - Using Notebooks

Notebooks are Virtual notebooks your users can create to take notes in their course. Users can create an unlimited amount of notebooks, categorize them by color and filter them. Users can type up their own notebook contents, highlight important notes, create lists, and print out their notes.

  1. Users can create as many notebooks as they need with the click of a button
  2. Users can filter their notebooks by color, and categorize them into section by color
  3. Users can search for the contents of all their notebooks
  4. Outdated or Unused notebooks can be deleted

  1. Users can change the color of their notebook cover to help categorize notebooks
  2. Users can add images from the column on the left to help emphasize certain areas
  3. The first line of the user's notebook becomes the notebook's title
  4. Users can highlight, bold, underline, and italicize anything they type
  5. This is an example of a list
  6. Users can Close, Print, or Save and Close their notebooks when they're done
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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