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Axis LMS User Expenses

To keep employee information in as few places as possible, Axis LMS allows you manage the expenses your employees incur in training.

To begin tracking your user’s expenses, you’ll want to first select a user from the Manage Users area. With the user selected, click on the Manage Expenses icon.

Before you begin tracking expenses for the user, you may opt to set the user’s budget by clicking the red $ icon in the top right.

With a budget in place, Axis will subtract appropriate expenses for this budget.

While you’re tracking expenses, there are different options you can toggle for each expense: counting towards their budget, and whether or not they need to be reimbursed. After you create your first expense, Axis LMS will remember this expense - including all the settings - so that you can easily add this same expense for others users.

As you add expenses, Axis will keep in check every expense; and warn you when the user exceeds limits

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