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Axis LMS User Course Tracking Variables

Inside your LMS, you have the ability to use fluctuating variables to create a more dynamic course. This is the Course Tracking Variable, and should be used carefully and with forethought. This variable is set / incremented via Event Triggers. Inside the Axis LMS, it can be manually set by going to a user's Dashboard, and selecting the Manage Trigger Data icon.
There are limitless capabilities if you want to use the Course Tracking Variable, but here is a simple one you can put to use immediately:

    If one of my users can’t pass a module after 5 tries, enroll them into a refresher course
This simple scenario can be accomplished by creating 2 event Triggers:

  1. Description: "Tick up ‘failed_submissions’ Course Variable”
    When: Any User
    Fails: A Graded Quiz
    and: User Course Tracking Variable ‘failed_submissions’ is less than ‘5’
    then: Set User Course Tracking Variable ‘failed_submissions’ = ‘+1’
  2. Description: "Enroll ‘failed_submissions’ (5) into easier course”
    When: Any User
    Fails: A Graded Quiz
    and: User Course Tracking Variable ‘failed_submissions’ equals ‘5’
    then: Enroll user into "Easier Course”
    and: Disenroll user from "This Course”
    and: set User Course Tracking Variable ‘failed_submissions’ = ‘0'

With these two triggers created, users who fail 5 graded quizzes will be disenrolled from this course, and enrolled into an easier course. If you add a third event trigger, you can set the counter to reset every time the user passes a graded quiz:
    When: Any User
    Passes: A Graded Quiz
    then: set User Course Tracking Variable ‘failed_submissions’ = ‘0'

By adding this third trigger, the users will only be enrolled into the easier course if they fail 5 graded quizzes consecutively. By incorporating Course Tracking Variables into more areas your LMS, you can achieve more complex and dynamic scenarios - it just takes a little planning.
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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