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Axis LMS - Site Designer Basics

Inside your Axis LMS, there are two Site Designers. Each of which can be viewed using mobile or desktop devices.

Site Designer

The Site Designers
The Site Designer has two different Site Designers to work with.

  • The Learning Portal Website lets you create the website your users log into, and is only visible to logged-in users (internal facing).

  • The Account Website lets you create the website your users (public facing) will see before they log in. This may simply be a list of all the courses you offer, or at the other extreme, can be a complete website with integrated shopping cart, articles, videos, images, navigation, and much more. When your visitors and users navigate to your system's URL (, this is the site and page(s) they will see.

You Build Sites by Adding Pages
Each Designer lets you add an unlimited number of pages, each page with its own content. You can sequence the pages quite easily (just adjust the sequence number in the list, and submit). When you ADD (or edit) a page, you will be able to configure whether or not that page should appear in the navigation widgets (more on widgets in a bit).

Site Design Pages

You Build Pages by Adding Widgets
Each page is assembled using widgets. The widgets available to you is based on the edition you have, as well as the designer you are working in. You will find widgets for just about everything you can think of. Things like videos, images, text, social network feeds, buttons, course listings, shopping cart lists, and on and on. Each widget is its own mini-app, with its own settings and parameters, but share a common grid system (where you can set the number of grid elements in width and height).

Site Design Widgets

Check Out the SETTINGS for each Designer
For each designer, when you first open it, you will see the listing of pages. In addition, along the top, you will see a button to open the SETTINGS for that particular website. Click on it, and you will see all sorts of visual and functional settings you can set up (like colors, page widths, css, banners, and in some cases full menubar editors).

Site Design Settings

The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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