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Axis LMS Course Reports and User Reports

The two reports that you are likely to use in the Reports tab are the Course Reports and User Reports. Course Reports contain data on a Course by Course basis. Each Course is broken down further into two categories:
  • Activity Report: which holds detailed module reports, user by user scores and completion status, and a module question analysis
  • User Report: which allows you to view enrolled users' progress, current & comprehensive average, and view their scores, status, and submissions for Learning activities such as graded quizzes.

For User Reports, once you select a User (in an interface similar to the Users tab) , you will be able to view quick information for any of the courses the user is enrolled in. You can also view a more detailed report for each of these courses, which will bring up quick info for all of the learning activities in the course.

Included on every report page is the ability to print the report and export the current report to Microsoft Excel. Clicking on the print button will allow you to configure the print settings before printing, and the export button is a one click function whose results can usually be found in your Downloads folder on your computer.
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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