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Axis LMS Course Progress & Score Weights

Some of the content you add into a course will be more time consuming or fulfilling to the user; others will almost be 'extra' content - something that compliments the course well, but isn't required. Because of this, you can weigh the content you add into a course and, by extension, display a more accurate reflection on the user's Progress Bars.

Progress Weight

To adjust content weights in a course, you'll first need to go into the course:
    Learning > Online Courses > Manage Courses > Manage
Once you're on the course management page, click on the Progress & Score Weights icon. 

Score Weight

There are two tabs in this area: Score Settings and Progress Settings
  • Score Settings [above] only applies to graded modules (graded quizzes and offline activities) and will be used to determine the user's final score for the course. You may, for example, want to assign a higher weight to graded quizzes as compared to offline activities, or assign a higher weight to a particular graded quiz - maybe it's the 'final' quiz.
  • Progress Settings [below] apply to every piece of content in the course; each completed item will increase the user's progress bar by whatever percentage value it is worth. 
Progress Weight

This percentage value is calculated by your LMS when you assign it a numerical value. And in the example above, each piece of content is given a value between 0 and 2, depending on if we, as admins, care if the user completes the content or not. In our case, we're really only concerned about Quiz completions - users can practice as they need. 

By giving content appropriate score and progress weights, you are able to expand upon the capabilities of your Sections and Subsections. A common practice is to create a section that only displays when a user's progress is 100% - this section frequently contains a link to their course certificate.
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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