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API Cheatsheet - Automating Enrollments with my Cart, CRM, HR or Other System

You can automate Enrollments into Courses from external CRM, HR or other Systems using Axis LMS's API.

A typical example might be if you are using your own shopping cart, or when a new employee gets entered into your HR system, you also want to add them into your LMS as a trainee.

Using your system's API, you can both ADD users to the system and also ENROLL them into one or more courses. You can also enroll existing users into courses.

For information on using the API, open up the Integrations & API manual found on this page.

The API functions you will be using are user__add() and user__enroll() (if you want to enroll them into courses as well).

The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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