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Adding Users in Axis LMS

If you’re adding multiple users into the Axis LMS, the most efficient go-to method is to use the built-in importer. But if you’ve opted to add users individually, you’ll find that the process of adding a user is as minimal or thorough as you choose - you only need to fill out a few fields, but you can also get down to the minute details for each new user you create.

To get started, you’ll want to head to the Users tab then click the Add User icon. The first step has you fill out 2 (or 3) fields - create a username, choose (or generate) a password, and (optionally) associate an email address.

When you click the Next > button you’ll be brought into the user’s dashboard. From here, you can continue filling out the user’s profile (User Profile), make them a Manager / Trainer (Organizational Settings), add them to Usergroups or Courses (Manage Usergroups / Courses), or add another user (Users breadcrumb).

For this article, we’re going to assume you’re still ‘creating’ the user and have started filling out their User Profile. The User Profile is separated into 3 sub-tabs: Basic Info, Other Info, and Notes. For ease of understanding, we’ll talk about the Other Info sub-tab first.

The Other Info sub-tab contains all of the custom fields. All of the fields will match the values and names assigned in the Custom Fields area.

The Notes sub-tab is just what is suggests - notes about this user. The user cannot edit this through the User Profile available through the Portal Designer.

The Basic Info sub-tab is where you can control all the other non-usergroup / non-course data. You can add / update their First Name, Last Name, Initials, email, phone, address, phone, and profile picture; as well as their active dates and the Company they’re employed under.

This video below will also take you through creating your first few users inside Axis

The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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