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Adding Media to your Slides in Axis LMS

While editing a slide inside Axis LMS, you have the ability to add both audio and videos into the question text. These are both added in-line with the rest of the text, and can be replayed again by your users while viewing the slide in a report.

Adding either variety of media is very simple:
    After you’ve begun editing a slide…
  1. Click inside the question text region, and position the blinking cursor where you want to add the media
  2. Select Video or Audio from the Insert Dropdown menu, then select your file
    make sure you only add the acceptable file format [listed below]
  3. Click Go

You can also follow along as this video adds audio to a slide:

The acceptable file types that can be added are…
    - .mp3

    - .mp4 (with h.264 encoding)
    this can be hosted internally or externally
    - YouTube video
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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