Axis LMS Website Designer Widgets

The Website Designer allows administrators to create a custom experience for their users through a variety of different means: branding, page groups, and a customizable menu. But what really has the most visual impact on your Axis LMS Websites are the widgets you choose to add.

Widgets are self contained mini applications, which perform a function on the pages they’re placed. The "User Courses" widget, for example, shows the user the Courses they are already enrolled in; while the "Course Enrollment Catalog" shows which courses the user is able to enroll into.

When adding widgets to your Account Website or your Learning Portal, the administrator interface is intentionally light; allowing you to more easily identify and work with each widget’s settings. But when you preview the page you’re working on, you’ll be able to see your placement and settings in action. 


Course Listings

From the user’s perspective, the visuals and layout of the Course Listings are all very similar. However, how each of the three operate, and what is displayed to the user will vary depending on which widget you decide to add. 

User Courses

The User Courses Widget shows the user the courses they are already enrolled into. If the settings are left as their defaults, this widget will show the user their "Completed", "In-Progress", and "Unstarted" courses. But by editing the widget, you can choose to also show courses they are enrolled in, but have no access to ("Upcoming" and Expired" courses). 

Course Enrollment Catalog

The anthesis of the "User Courses" widget, the "Course Enrollment Catalog" shows only the courses the user hasn’t yet enrolled into. By default, this widget won’t list any courses you could make money on (ie, courses for sale); but depending on your setup, you may want to change setting.

This widget is also capable of allow users to renew their enrollment into a course - by toggling a checkbox, the administrator can choose to display courses the user has already expired from. 

The dropdown filter for this widget also allows your user to filter by Certification Program. When filtered down, the widget will only display Courses which award CEUs towards the selected Certification Program. However, the administrator can choose to uncheck a setting, which would only display certification programs the user is already participating in (if there are any).

Training For Sale

In addition to Courses for sale, the "Training for Sale" widget is also capable of showing both "Live Classes" and "Other Products". By default, this widget will display items from your "General Products" E-Commerce Product Category, but you can change this to select from All Products (regardless of category), or another Product Category. Also, similar to the Course Enrollment Catalog, the administrator may choose to only show CEUs that count towards the user’s renewable Certifications.

Reports and E-Commerce

Archived Reports

The "Archived Reports" widget is a fairly basic widget, aimed at delivering the user with a consolidated view of their past course history. Each Archived Course will display to the user, along with the date it was archived, their Progress, Average, and Time in Course. 

My Certifications

Both the "My Certifications" and "My CEUs" widgets help users keep track of their progress through different certifications. As most settings surrounding Certification Programs are done through the "talent" area of the administrator area, the settings these widgets offer are slim.

Through the Certifications widget, users can view the Certifications they’ve earned, and peek into each to find a printable version, as well as see which CEUs they’ve earned for each Certification.


Through the "My CEUs" widget, users can find a listing of all the CEU credit they’ve earned within your Axis system, and zoom in to find which Certification Programs (that the user is enrolled in) which the CEUs count towards.

Report Card

Similar to a Grade School report card, the "Report Card" widget gives the user an up to date glimpse of their progress and average in each of their courses. This widget gives users the ability to print out this overview snapshot; or users can zoom in on a course by course basis to see their grades on a quiz by quiz basis for each course. 

User Certificate Listing

The Certificate Listing acts as a central hub for Course and Quiz certificates a user is may earn inside Axis. This widget allows the user to quickly access these Certificates without having to hunt them down inside each course; and instead lists them in an easy-to-navigate catalog.

However, should the administrator only want to include one type of certificate in this widget, they may toggle on or off either of the certificates listed in this widget.

Order History

A complete listing of every transaction the user has successfully completed through the Axis system. The listings include an order number, a date and timestamp, and the grand total for the purchase. If the user zooms into the transaction, they can find a breakdown of which products were purchased with each order, any coupons or discounts that were applied, and the tax on the purchase. 


There are three different navigation styles available for the administrator to use in the Axis system. Depending on how intricate your Website becomes, you may choose to use multiple. But for the simplest solution, it is usually recommended to add the "Slide-in Navigation". Newly created pages do not come with a navigation widget by default - remember to add navigation to your pages.

The settings for each of the navigation styles are the same: select the Color, and select the Pages this navigation should display. By default, all Navigations will use your selected Color Theme; but you can change this on a case-by-case basis. 

When selecting which pages this Navigation will link to..
    "Auto" - only the page group this page is a part of "All Pages" - all the pages this user has access to across all Page Groups "Default Page Group" - The page group "Default", where "Page Group #" - a specific numbered page group.

Page Navigation Bar

A navigation 'block', where the listed pages are 'stacked' in a sandwich-style. 
Page Navigation Tab Strip

A thin 'strip', where the listed pages are juxtaposed next to each other. 

Slide-in Navigation

A hidden Navigation, where the user can toggle to bring in or hide the navigation as needed. 

User Connect

User Connect is a built-in social environment for your users. While it does have its own area entirely, widgets have also been added, allowing users to be able to interact without having to leave the Learning Portal.


Rather than inserting a piece of userconnect into the Learning Portal, the ViewPort added the entirety of UserConnect right onto the User’s Learning Portal.

User Summary

A trimmed down view of the user’s full userconnect profile. 

Post to Wall

A short message field where users can type in brief messages to post to their wall. 

Chat Messenger

UserConnect’s Live Chat functionality in a widget; allowing users to chat with any of their connections.

User Badges

A breakdown of all the badges the user has earned across the system

Badge Leaderboard

The Badge leaderboard shows the top 15 users in the system, in terms of number of badges earned.

Messages and Forums

Messages Listing

The Messages Listing allows you to embed the full capabilities of the Axis Messaging system into your Users’ Learning Portal. Depending on your Messaging settings, your users will be able to see critical system messages; communicate directly with the administrator, or a sub-admin; or privately message their fellow users.

Forum Listing

Similar to the Messages listing, the Forum Listing also allows you to embed the Forum application right into Learning Portal. With this widget, users will be able to access and participate int any Usergroup-based forums. 

Simple Forum Listing

The Simple Forum Listing is a condensed view of the Usergroup-based forums the user has access to. When a user views a forum, the full forum application will be brought up for the user.