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Key eLearning Statistics for 2015

photo 2I love the looks I get from people when I tell them what I do for a living. It’s kind of a blank, yet knowing stare, mixed with a head nod that clearly says “Oh! You’re a writer.”

Then, when I add eLearning into the mix I tend to lose them completely. Why? Because in truth most people outside of the eLearning industry have no idea what it really looks like to make a career out of writing content and teaching others via technology.


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Taking Your E-Learning Social

light-bulb-1433914-sThe other day I had the chance to attend the monthly meeting of a local professional group. This is not a group I belong to, but I know several of the members and they were hoping to learn more about eLearning and how they could utilize it within their organizations. And, since I love getting the chance to share what I do with a captive audience, I was thrilled to volunteer my time and share my heart at their very well catered luncheon.

So, when the time came I hopped up to a smattering of applause and headed up front to give my talk. It went great! The audience was receptive, the questions were thoughtful and you could literally hear a pin drop throughout the room as they listened to every word I had to share. (more…)

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