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Learning Management System Prices

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All Axis LMS Plans Include these Exclusive Benefits:

Top-level Domain with SSL
( and not
Unmatched LMS Branding Capabilities
Experience the difference - no other LMS compares!
Free Setup
Compare to others that charge a big up-front fee
Free Unlimited Training
Webinar Training on Axis LMS for You & Your Team
Dedicated Customer Service Team
You will know your Atrixware Rep by Name
Free Custom Onboarding Process
for You & Your Team to Get up and Running Quickly
Rapid PRO
Price per month (annual billing)
Private Cloud Enterprise
Price per month (annual billing)
Active Users
or $369/month billed monthly
Active Users
or $599/month billed monthly
Active Users
or $899/month billed monthly
or $1,499/month billed monthly
Active Users
Contact Us
Let us tailor a plan just for you
up to 1,000 users
or $1,599/month billed monthly
Active Users
Contact Us
Up to unlimited users available
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Included in Rapid PRO:
Online Learning Website
Online Course
Online Presentation
& Lesson Builder
Online Quiz Builder
(5 quiz types)
Online Survey Builder
Section 508
Accessibility Mode
E-Commerce/Shopping Cart
PowerPoint Importer
Microsoft and Google
Docs Tracking & Delivery
SCORM Delivery & Tracking
Run On-Demand and
Scheduled Reports
Unlimited Sub Admins
and Report Admins
Notifications & Invitations,
Live Chat
Social Environment
Live Classes Management
and Attendance
Certifications & CEUs
Continuing Ed Tracking
Gamification & Leaderboards
Learning Paths
Event Triggers
API for integration
with HR & other systems
SSO (Single Sign-on) Abilities
Much more!
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Included in Private Cloud Enterprise:
Everything in Rapid PRO, plus ...
Dedicated Server Resources
Eligible for Product Enhancements
Free Sandbox Account
Localization & Language Pack(s)
Eligible use of Sub-domain from your Domain
Prioritized Support
Multi-year Contracts
Manager Administrative Functionality
Trainer Administrative Functionality
Advanced Organizational Topologies
Agent Store (for B2B sales)
Frequently Asked Questions
What Does 'Active Users' Mean?
In Axis LMS, a user can be 'active' (meaning they can access content and online training), or 'inactive' (meaning their records are still maintanined and reportable, but they cannot access content and online training). You can control which users are 'active' and which are 'inactive', either manually, or via automatic events based on dates, roles, usergroups, completion status, and more. Users can be changed from inactive to active (and vice versa) as well.
What Does 'Top-Level Domain' Mean?
Unlike most competitors that place you on to their domain (, every Axis LMS plan includes an SSL certificate and a unique top-level domain ( which we purchase for you.
What Does 'Free training & support' Mean?
All LMS plans include unlimited free training and support. To get free training, you simply call your account rep and schedule a training session (based upon availability, but typically you can schedule for the same week). Tech support is available 24/7 via a ticketing system linked to your LMS. Tickets are normally answered in less than 1 hour if during business hours (9am-5pm EST Mon-Fri) or the next business day at the longest.
Can I Sell My Courses?
Yes - Every Axis System comes with E-Commerce which connects to both PayPal and Private Cloud plans add the Agent store for bulk-purchasing.
Can I Integrate Pre-Packaged Training Content?
Yes - You can select titles from our catalog of over 20,000 content titles and make them available to your users. For complete information, contact us at 1.866.696.8709 or browse the available training titles here.
How Much Branding Can I Do?
While most of our competitors use the word 'branding' in their marketing, that usually means you can only change some colors and add a banner. With Axis, you control everything -- what gets displayed, where and when it gets displayed (and who can see it and who can't), and how it gets displayed. To truly experience the power, schedule a FREE webinar with one of our consultants - call us at 1.866.696.8709.
Will I Need to Involve My IT Department?
Usually not. With the exception of certain API integrations and sub-domain setups, you will not need your IT department.
What Happens if I Exceed My Plan's Allowed Users?
Each month, if you have exceeded your allowed users, we bill you $5/user (over your allowed users) at the beginning of the next month. You are only billed on months you go over your limit. If you consistently go over your users, you can adjust your plan and add more users.
Can I Upgrade My Plan?
Yes - when you are ready to do so, contact us at 1.866.696.8709 so we can calculate the proper pricing based on your current term length and payment.
How Do I Cancel My Plan?
Cancel by notifying us 30 days prior to your next billing or invoice date (after initial term of your contract, which can be from 1 month to 3 years). There are no fees associated with cancelling.
What Are 'Managers' and 'Trainers'?
Private Cloud Enterprise plans include Organizational Topology functionality, enabling roles assignment for users. Benefits to this include ability to create organizational topologies, and assign roles of 'manager' and 'trainer' to employees, who can then be given their own area in the LMS to operate similarly to a full admin, including managing their own content, courses, and employees, and also acting as an 'Agent' for companies you may be selling to - where they can bulk-purchase courses for their employees.
What Does 'Private Cloud' Mean?
Plans that offer 'Private Cloud' are installed on to their own secured dedicated private server, and do not share resources with any other Axis LMS installations. Private cloud installs can also host sub-domain installations, and customer-owned URLs and SSL certificates, and are eligible for product enhancements.
What Does "Product Enhancements" Mean?
If you have specific business process requirements, Atrixware can help you define, design and build custom product enhancements to the LMS to meet your needs. Product enhancements are an extra charge based on the work to be performed, and are available exclusively on Private Cloud installations.
What Forms of Payment do you Accept?
We accept Visa and MC for annual and monthly payments. Payment by check or bank transfer are also accepted for annual payments.
Where are the Servers Geographically Located?
We currently have servers located in data centers in the USA (Michigan), and in the UK (Amsterdam). Although either location will adequately deliver reliable, fast connectivity to your users, you should consider selecting the data center for your system based on the geographic location of the majority of your target users, or, if your national laws prohibit data from being stored on servers in the USA, you should select the UK location for your system.