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Delivering PowerPoint Presentations as Videos in Axis LMS

In addition to the PowerPoint Viewer, and the SlidePoint converter, your PowerPoint presentations are also capable of being converted into videos to be put up on your Axis LMS platform.
    By exporting your Presentation into a video format, you are able to preserve slide timers. You can also add a global time-per-slide setting for the entire presentation for any/all slides that do not have a timer or animation assigned.
While within your PowerPoint application, select the File caption in the top menu and choose the Export option. Look for the option to export to a video, then select the MP4 extension.

    Because multiple versions of PowerPoint can export Presentations as Videos, check out this article to see instructions for your version of PowerPoint.
Tip: For a good experience for your users, choose the 720p/Internet option for video size for small (25 or less slides) videos, or 480p/Standard for anything over 25 slides. This should deliver a good streaming experience for your users across all desktop and mobile devices.

After your presentation is exported into an MP4 format, you can bring it into your Axis LMS. To do this, return to your Axis LMS administrator panel, and begin working with one of your courses. Select the Course Content icon and with the upload panel open in the right side of your window, drag in the exported MP4 file.

The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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