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LMS System Support: What is Included?

We support the LMS through two mechanisms - Tech Support and Training, both which are included with every system subscription or license purchase.

This page discusses what Tech Support includes. If you need Training, please contact your account representative to schedule a training session (which is a webinar between you and up to 15 others, and a trainer).

What is included with 'Tech Support'

Tech support does not include anything else not specifically mentioned, including the following (although we are always happy to give 'best effort' on these items):


Time Limits / Incident Limits

Tech support currently includes an unlimited number or incidents. An incident is a specific issue or problem you are having that you submit a ticket on. Each incident is a separate ticket in the system, and is tracked in the system so it can be retrieved by you at any time in the future. Direct support to your customers/users is not included.


Using Links, Manuals, KnowledgeBooks, etc.

It is often the case that an answer to a question will be pointing you to a page/chapter/link in one of our public support channels, such as our manuals, knowledgebooks, forums, blog, etc. In some cases, the question itself may not be supported (example: how do I write code to to X), but as a courtesy, we may refer you to a resource online that may be a solution for you.


Using Screen Sharing/RDP

At the decision of the techinal support representative, RDP (remote desktop protocol) may be used to help you troubleshoot an issue. Typically, these RDP sessions are limited to a specific incident and to 10 minutes, and are not to be used by the tech rep to 'train' you or do each step for you while you watch (you can use your webinar training - which is included with your plan - for those kind of situations).


Online Support Plans

If you are using an online support plan, submit your tickets here: // Direct emails to support reps is not included, and may cause a delayed response or no response. Responses to tickets are usually within 1 hour, but are guaranteed within 1 business day.


Phone Support Plans

If you are using a phone support plan, you can submit your tickets here: //, or, call the support line (1.866.696.8709) and submit a ticket via voicemail. Direct phone calls to support reps is not included. Responses to tickets are usually within 1 hour, but are guaranteed within 1 business day.


Example incidents that would be included:


Examples of scenarios that would not be included:
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