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Axis LMS Features Lists

Here is a list of some of the features and benefits available in the Axis LMS.
  • 100% web based for all users including administrators
  • All-in-one solution not requiring additional software installs
  • Supports both desktop and mobile device content delivery
  • Supports multi-lingual content via built-in authoring and/or externally authored content
  • Allows for scalability and flexibility to meet the growth of a company
Cloud (Software as a Service/SAAS) Environment
  • Available as SaaS
  • Scales to support growing user populations, storage needs, and bandwidth requirements
  • SaaS plans include daily backups
  • LMS content storage is scalable to meet current and future storage needs
  • System offers built-in authoring to create graded quizzes, non-graded quizzes, flash card quizzes, study-mode quizzes, videos, and surveys
  • System offers the ability to import PowerPoint presentations and edit them further after importing them
  • System offers content management services (ex: version control, reuse of content objects)
  • System supports the SCORM 1.2 content standard
  • System supports third-party content integrations - and end-user can access this content from within your proposed application without logging in separately to the content providerís system
Certification and Compliance
  • System supports the admin to look up certifications by learner
  • Groups of learners can be associated with certification programs
  • System can track certification deadlines
  • Notifications can be sent to learners when they are approaching deadlines
  • System has auditing capabilities such as archived reporting and activity logs to help your organization reduce compliance risk
Course Evaluation, Testing and Assessments
  • System provides testing and assessment capabilities
  • System includes an interface for authoring test questions
  • Administrators can set it up so Learners can view detailed results of their test performance
  • System supports performance management/9- grid/Kirkpatrick evaluations
  • System providse you with the capability of creating tests and evaluations on the fly while creating a course
  • System allows for question shuffling
  • System allows for answer shuffling
  • System allows for random quiz variations
  • System allows for setting max attempts per exercise
  • System allows for assignment of time limits and minimum time requirements
  • System is able to report on how a learner performed on tests and evaluations
  • System supports multiple question formats (such as: Yes/No, True/False, Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-Blank, Essay, Matching, Pick List, Multiple Response)? 
  • System provides the learner with a dashboard to view all assigned, registered, in progress, and recommended learning at a glance? Is the information displayed in easy to understand catalog format
  • Learner dashboard/portal interface is fully brandable and customizable, and can content pages, tabs, and layouts be created by administrators to create the exact mix of pages, layouts and content desired
  • System allows users to self-register for training
  • System can provide a personalized learning plan
  • Learners can register for a course with a minimum number of clicks
  • Learners can access all courses assigned to them through one login
  • System provides a learner with access to their own training transcript
  • System has the ability to promote or expose different and new courses to the learners
Social Environment
  • System offers dedicated social component with the LMS (similar to Facebook or Google+)
  • Users can manage their own connections to other users, trainers or managers
  • Users can manage their own social page and upload their own banner and avatar image
  • Users can upload and create photos and photo albums
  • Users can and/or managers set up and/or join communities which are private conversations and dialog amongst invited members
  • Users can chat / instant message others they are connected to when online
  • User activity in online courses can trigger posts to user walls (such as when a user completes a course, passes a quiz, etc.)
Course Management
  • Administrators can add, update, reschedule and remove courses from the course catalog without requiring support from the IT organization
  • Administrators can create a curriculum or certification program within the course catalog
  • Administrators can customize certificate templates
  • Administrators can create and manage training plans
  • System supports the ability to automatically assign learning (courses, curricula, or certifications) to individuals or groups or enroll them in courses
  • System can assign start and end dates for course access
  • System allows the admin to track multiple tries at a learning event
  • Administrators can manage the training calendar and schedule
  • System can require that courses be taken in a certain order, or allow learners to complete courses in any order they wish
  • Course registration can be done via pre-registration, self-registration, E-Commerce registration, import registration and API/Integration
Blended Learning
  • System supports multiple methods of course delivery (web-based, instructor-led, etc.)
  • System supports blended learning activities. ex: the system can mix a series of components in different delivery formats (ex: pre-test, instructor-led course, on-the-job assignment) and roll them up into a single course
  • System supports capability to store scanned forms, MS Word documents, PowerPoint files, PDFís, videos, etc. within the LMS at the portal, course, quiz and question level
  • System supports other common file formats (streaming media, graphics, audio, animations, etc.)
  • System supports optional sequencing in blended learning activities, ex: to ensure that a pre-test is taken before the course
Mobile Learning
  • Supports delivery of content on iPads, Android Tablets, and other modern mobile devices
  • When content is viewed on mobile devices, can it be accessed using the built-in web browser instead of requiring users to take the extra step of installing a mobile application to function
  • Supports & provides a mobile experience that helps everyone network with their peers, connect to the content they need every day, share ideas, and participate anywhere, anytime
Resource Management
  • Administrators can limit the number of seats available to a live class class
  • System can associate live classes and classrooms with a physical location
  • Resources can be associated with a cost
  • Administrators can run reports that show system utilization
  • System supports the ability to require manager and/or administrator approval for course registration
  • System supports the ability to define pre-requisites and restrict access to courses until the pre-requisites are met
  • System supports the ability to enroll and un-enroll individual groups manually
External Learning and E-commerce
  • Available toos to market learning to end-customers (ex. metadata, scheduled emails, etc.)?
  • e-commerce module supports PayPal and
  • System offers ability to advertise e-learning courses
  • e-commerce module features support discounts and coupons
  • System offers the ability to price training or other types of learning objects by organizational grouping (different pricing for different organizations ex: division, location, role, custom group, etc.)
Reporting and Analytics
  • System offers access to reports that span across multiple data points including time spent, scores achieved, and even choices picked and answers given
  • Administrators can assign and manage reports by role (learner, manager, delegate, administrator) and organizational structure
  • System offers graphical reports (bar charts and pie charts) out of the box?
  • System offers creation of Report Administrators/Users that can be assigned views to specific reports
  • System enables managers to create and view their own reports specific to their own organization/employees
  • Managers can keep track of and approve their teams training
  • Separate login designed specifically for managers
  • Managers can be granted rights to do things such as create and manage their own online courses, learning activities, employees/learners, and resources
  • Managers have the ability to drill down into the learning activities (to view profile information, transcripts, certifications, and other individual learner information)
  • System has API capability in order to integrate with other enterprise systems, such as a corporate HRIS
  • LMS supports single sign-on
  • System supports open technology standards, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and provide tools for integrating with other applications and third-party providers via API
  • System cann integrate with other processes (ex: learning, talent, performance) and/or tools (ex: LinkedIn, Twitter)
Support Requirements
  • Includes both phone and ticketing support
  • Ticketing system available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with response SLA no longer than 1 business day
  • Live phone support is available during business hours
  • Purchase/subscription to the LMS service includes unlimited free training via webinars as needed
  • Online training videos are available to administrators and managers
  • Administrators and managers have access to an online knowledge base library
  • Free online training courses to learn how to use the LMS available
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