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Using the Axis LMS UserConnect Widgets

If you’re not already familiar with UserConnect, it is an a social network exclusively accessible by the users of your Axis LMS system. Users will be able to post statuses, join teams, form communities, and establish a presence among their peers. For a more in depth discussion on UserConnect, you can check out this article.

The UserConnect Widgets allow your users easier access to some UserConnect functionality directly from their Learning Portal. With the existing widgets available on your learning portal, your users will be able to:

1) Interact with their UserConnect Chat
User Connect Chat

2) Post a Status directly to their wall

3) Access a framed UserConnect page

4) View a quick summary of their connections, pending connections, communities, and groups

5) View the badges (gamification) that they have earned and the leaderboard to see who is on top.

Adding these widgets to your Learning Portal helps personalize each page for the individual user, allowing them to use their uploaded profile picture, see their connections’ activities, and collaborate as teams to tackle large tasks together.

Now that you’re familiar with how each widget represents itself to a user, it’s up to the admin to add them onto your Learning Portal. These widgets are available under the UserConnect section of your Add Widgets breakdown, and are easy to add, but incredibly efficient to use. [System > Site Design > Learning Portal Website > Edit (Page) > Add Widget > UserConnect]

UserConnect Widgets
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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