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Things to Know About Competencies in Axis LMS

Competencies enable you to create curriculum based training, where users/employees/students need to complete a series of courses in order to achieve a competency badge.

Here are a handful of informational tidbits about Competencies inside Axis LMS which are important to know and understand:
  • Once a user has achieved a competency, any changes in the online courses (such as adding/removing content, changing passing score, etc) will not affect the achievement. However, if a user has not yet achieved the competency, those changes will affect the users progress (and can therefore increase or decrease their progress towards the competency).
  • You can RESET a users progress inside of a course from the competency DETAILS page (LEARNING > COMPETENCIES > MANAGE COMPETENCIES > REPORT > DETAIL), and if you do so, it will affect a users progress towards the competency (even if they have completed and achieved the competency). However, if you perform the reset from the MANAGE COURSES area (LEARNING > ONLINE COURSES > MANAGE COURSES > MANAGE (your course) > USERS, it will reset the course, but it will not affect a users progress if they have already achieved the competency.
  • If a course is modified in a way that affects the progress and/or scoring calculations (such as adding or removing trackable content that counts towards progress percent or score percent), the recalculation of that data will not be performed until the user logs back into the changed course.
  • A nightly competency calculation is performed across all users in your system, so sometimes, the competency may not be rewarded until the following day after a user has completed it.
  • There are 2 widgets you can use for competencies. The one you are most likely to use is the "Add Competency Courses" widget (System >SiteDesign >Learning Portal Website >Edit >Add Widget >Course Listing >Add Competency Courses) which lets you set up a learning path for your users to follow in order to earn the competencies you want them to work on.
  • Competencies are linked to User Groups - Dynamically. This means that just by adding a user into a group (lets say its called 'Shift Managers'), they are now automatically eligible for any/all competencies linked to the 'Shift Managers' group (and if you remove them, they are now automatically in-eligible).
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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