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SMS Alerts to LMS Report Admins

Through a combination of Event Triggers and Report Admins, administrators may configure their Axis LMS courses to send report admins a text message alert when a user acts in one of their online courses.

These actions can be a user starting or completing a course, failing a critical quiz, or every time a user logs in. Though, one of its most common use cases is to quickly report external trainees’ progress to their management.

To be able to send SMS alerts to your report admins, you’ll need to have two things in place: a Report Admin, and a Course Event Trigger.

The Report Admin

You’re going to start by setting up your Report Admin (Users > Manage Report Admins). Report Admins traditionally log in to view their different reports assigned to them, which means there is usually little incentive for the admin to fill out their email address. But to send them a SMS alert, you’ll want to use their cell phone number, followed by one of the following (depending on their carrier):
    'att' => '',
    'verizon' => '',
    'tmobile' => '',
    'sprint' => '',
    'nextel' => ''
    other =>see here
Using the Report Admin below as an example, their phone number is "1234567890” and their service is provided by Sprint.

The Event Trigger

After their email address is set up, any emails sent to this report admin will instead be sent as a SMS. Now we need to create a way to automate that email.

Exactly where you’ll create the email will depend on the exact circumstances you’re trying to achieve. For this example, we want to send an email when a user from this report admin’s users completes this course. This should prompt the report admin to check out their reports, as an indicator that there is new data.

To create the Event Trigger, open your Learning Tab, then Manage a Course (Learning > Online Courses > Manage Online Courses > Manage). Select User Event Triggers.

For our example, we’re setting up the trigger so that...
When A user from "bbm” group
Has Completed this Course
To Send an Email to the Cell Phone (report Admin)

The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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