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Selling Multiple Courses at Once in Axis LMS

With the combination of triggers, the integrated shopping cart, and added functionality to user groups, it is easier than ever to sell multiple courses at once.

To get started, you're going to need to have these items already set up:
  1. Established Courses that you want to include in the 'Course Package'
  2. Your Shopping Cart set up, including either PayPal or
  3. A User Group just for users who buy this 'Course Package'
After all the prerequisites are met, you're going to create a 'Master Course' to sell. Under this course's shopping cart settings, you're going to list the Total Price of the entire Course Package. This course can be blank, or contain content; it isn't important either way. For this Master Course, you're going to set up two event triggers:
  • When a user starts the course, add them to the Package User Group
  • When a User from the Package User Group completes this course, Enroll them into FirstCourse(the first course of the package)
Now that the Master Course is set up, all you'll need to do is add a trigger to all of the Courses included in the package similar to
When User from Package User Group completes this Course, enroll them into Next Course.

When you're setting up these triggers, make sure you specify that only users from the Package User Group are enrolled into the next course, otherwise users who bought a single course are getting free courses.

For the final Course in the package, you can add a trigger to send them to a 'Certificate Course' so that users can receive a certificate after they complete the Course Package.
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