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Resetting Users in Axis LMS

If you offer courses that users are required to take on a regular basis, such as a licensing course or an annual ‘refresher’ course, the Axis LMS allows you to not only reset the user’s progress; but also archive their old data should you ever need to access it.

Resetting Your User
The decision to reset your user’s progress in a course is a permanent one - it cannot be undone through any means.

You can reset your users through one of two ways.
  • If you’re resetting multiple users in one sitting, the most efficient method is to go to
    Courses > Manage Courses > (select a Course) > Users > Roster > Reset
  • If you’re resting one user on a case by case basis, the best way is to go to
    Users > Manage Users > (select the user) > Reset User > Reset

Accessing Archived Reports When you reset a Course for a User, the system retains some data: their Progress, their Average, the Time Spent inside it, and when the user was Reset.

These reports can also be printed or exported to a spreadsheet as needed.
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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