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Passing Content Down to Managers in Axis LMS

If you want to use Managers and Trainers to their full potential right away, you may decide to ‘lend’ them some of the content you created; or have access to.

To get started passing down content, you’ll first want to make sure your user is a Manager / Trainer. To pass content down to this user, you’ll want to select the Manager from the Manage Users section.

With the Manager selected, click on the Manager Settings icon to find what tabs and controls this manager has access to. The only managers who would be using the shared content are those with the ability to create courses, grant users access to a course, or pass down the ability to managers under them. This means that, if you are giving your manager access to your available content, you’ll want to give them access to the appropriate tabs also.

To share admin created content, you’ll need to add a keyword the course or module you want to be able to share. Content created by managers are automatically tagged with their Manager Keyword.

The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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