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New Website Options in Axis LMS

Version 10.8 of Axis LMS bring a lot of new tools for conducting and managing your learning, and to help facilitate that learning, new widgets have been introduced to both the Learning Portal and Account Website.

On top of these new widgets, new website defaults have been implemented to help administrators more easily take advantage of what they offer. And new in 10.8, Admins can now revert their pages to the

New Learning Portal Defaults

If you've ever felt you're missing on features introduced in a new update, or if you've never had the time to make the changes to your User Interface that you needed; Axis LMS v10.8 has introduced a new option to reset both your Learning Portal and Account Website to the modern defaults.

Before committing to a reset -which cannot be undone- we recommend double checking for any triggers that may already be being used on your existing pages, so that they can be re-added after the reset.

And if you think you're going in blind, we'll cover the new default pages below:

My Online Training

This is your users' new landing page. Consistent across all pages, users will have access to slide-in navigation on the top left of every page; and a user synopsis on the right hand side. This user synopsis features their profile picture, User-Connect summary, and another way for users to quickly access their navigation. 

Unique to this page is the listed courses. On this page, it will list the courses a user is already enrolled into.

My Live Training

With a feel very similar to the others, this page will show all the Live Training the user is already signed up for. Users will be able to attend online meetings and see live meeting locations through the ILT widget.

Online Training Catalog & Online Training for Sale

Both these pages offer users something similar - a way to enroll into courses they're not yet a part of. The difference is how - the catalog will allow users to enroll themselves at no expense; the other will allow users to purchase their way into new courses.

While both are included with the Restore to Default, it is expected that many admins will delete one or the other to accomodate their business practices.

Live Training Catalog

Fulfilling a similar need, the Live Training Catalog will offer users methods of signing up for the waitlist or the sessions of upcoming ILT classes.

After signing up, their classes will now appear under "My Live Training"


Hand in hand with the new auto-connect options, UserConnect is now one of the default pages of the Learning Portal; making user socialization and interactions even easier.

Before resetting, also consider that you can reset just pieces of your Website as well. If you only want to clean up your Menus, you can reset that aspect to the new defaults without losing the rest of your work. Again, restoring your Learning Portal to defaults *cannot be undone*, so if you have any questions about the new pages that aren't addressed above, please let us know.

The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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