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Keeping Your Learning Objects Up To Date in Axis LMS

Technology and business are ever expanding, and a likely side effect is that your slide / question bank is too. Luckily, you don't need to create new quizzes to accommodate these new slides. Instead, you'll need to keep your learning objects up to date by adding your new slides to each learning object.

To add or adjust your learning object's slides, you'll need to edit your learning object ( Learning >Online Courses >Online Learning Objects >Manage Learning Objectss >Manage Graded Quizzes >Edit ), then go to the Questions & Slides icon to Modify Question/Slide Selection. This screen should look familiar to you; it is the same screen you used when you originally put together your learning object.

To add your newest questions and slides, you can either click on the drop down to select individual questions from a category or you can use a new wizard block. After you add your question blocks, you can adjust and reorganize your blocks to best fit how you want your learning object to appear to your user. Publish your Quiz, and your quiz should now be updated for all of your users.
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