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Immediate Feedback for your LMS Quizzes

Inside Axis, there are multiple ways for users to understand how they performed on a piece of content. End-of-Quiz reports are the most common, but depending on how you’ve set up your system, you’ll also be able to deliver results to users immediately after answering a question.

Immediate Feedback is something that helps distinguish your Non-Graded Quizzes from other Module types, as it is a feature operating exclusively within this module type.

When creating or editing a Slide, there may exist an "Optional” tab depending on the module type. Within this tab, you’ll be able to assign each of the answer choices a line of text that the user will receive upon selecting this answer. [Slides > Add Slide > Multi-Option Slide > Optional]

For example, if there are two answer choices:
    "Correct" and "Incorrect"

    an admin can give each answer choice its own immediate feedback, so that if a user selects "Incorrect" they receive one message:

    "Sorry, this answer is incorrect. Have another go.”

    but selecting "Correct" gives them a different message, and allows them to progress in the Non-Graded quiz.

    "That’s correct! Keep going!”
By adding Immediate Feedback into your Slides, you give your Non-Graded Quizzes a whole new purpose within your courses.
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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