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How to Sell Your LMS Courses

Through the use of event triggers and scheduled emails paired with the selling abilities of the shopping cart, there are more ways than ever to sell your courses via your LMS.

Traditional Method
The simplest and most heavily used method of selling your courses has only become easier and more versatile. To use this method, you'll need to assign each Course a price through its settings, then add the Course Listing Widget to your Learning Portal.

  1. Edit a Course's E-Commerce Settings
    (Courses >Manage Courses >Manage >E-Commerce Settings)
  2. Sell the Course, and define a Price
  3. Submit Changes
  4. Edit a Course's E-Commerce Settings
    (Courses >Manage Courses >Manage >Settings)
  5. Show in Course Catalog
  6. Submit Changes
  7. Add the Course Listing Widget
    (System >Site Design > Select a Site >Edit >Add Widget > Add Course Catalog)
  8. Save the Page

Try Before You Buy
This method involves the Admin allowing for open enrollments into a Demo Course. The Enrollment can be any number of days, but it is best to put a duration so that non-purchasing users are removed from your system.

For the Demo Course, you're going to create an event trigger so that when any user has completed this course, then send an email to the user. This email should include a shopping cart link to the full course, which you generate from the Course Links (E-Commerce >Shopping Cart >View Shopping Cart Links >View Course Links).

If you've set up this section properly, anyone will be able to enroll into your Demo Course for Free. After they complete the course, they will be sent an email that gives them the option to enroll into the full course. If they choose not to buy anything, they will automatically deactivate after the course duration elapses.

  • Create a Demo Course
    This should include a 'taste' of the full course, and have a limited duration set.
  • Create an event trigger in the Demo Course
    This event trigger should send the user an email to invite them to the full course after they complete the demo
    For more about event triggers, check out this article.
  • You can set the price of the full course using the directions seen in the Traditional Method section.
Scheduled Links
Using the same principle of the Try Before You Buy method, this method also sends out an email with a Product Course Link. The main criteria for these emails will be "User Account Expires in X days." You can set this email to be sent on a group by group basis, so that you can email different groups different product links.

If you've set this method up correctly, users from specified groups will be emailed a Product Link for different courses X days before their account expires.

Live Classes
When you create your Live Class, you'll have to link it to a Course. While on the settings page, you'll also set the price of the Live Class.
Once the Class is set up, it should appear in your store.

You can combine multiple methods into your system, utilizing the Demo Method to bring new users in, then having automated emails sent to them a few days before their account expires to invite them into a Live Class.

For more on Live Classes, check out this article.
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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