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Deactivated Users Inside Axis LMS

As employee turnover begins to take affect in your company, there’s no reason to continue paying for the space they took up inside your LMS. Rather than forfeit all their information, or have to store it in a spreadsheet somewhere outside the system, Axis LMS provides the tools so that you may continue to track the employee’s records, at no additional cost.

This is done through the practice of having two different user states: Active, and In-active. The simplest description of these two states are that Active users can continue to log in and take training; while In-active users are Admin view-only, and that inactive users do not count towards you maximum user count.

For a more thorough breakdown, this chart breaks down the differences in the administrative capabilities for the two user states
  • Send an email to user
  • View Course and Competency Reports
  • View System Report Card
  • Upload Archived and External Report Data
  • Open Shopping History
  • Filter System-to-User Email History
  • View Earned Certifications
  • All Inactive User capabilities
  • Update user’s profile information
  • Assign to or as a Manager
  • Add and Remove from Usergroups
  • Enroll and Disenroll from Courses
  • View User’s uploaded files
  • Performance Evaluation

Active Users also have the ability to log into the LMS, participate in courses and UserConnect, and contribute new data to your reports. They also have the opportunity of being a Manager within the system (if you’ve set them up as such), and all the tools unique to that position.

To get begin with your deactivated users, first Manage your Users (Users > Manage Users). Using the drop down, select to show only Inactive Users.

Users don’t need to be active forever, and once they’re deactivated they won’t be able to log into any part of your lms. And because of how Axis handles deactivated users, you won’t need to worry about losing data; all their reports are still easily accessible.
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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