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Conditional Coupons in Axis LMS

While inside the Axis LMS Shopping Cart, an admin can set up coupons that only function when certain conditions are met. One of the more popular requirements is for a product to be inside the user’s cart, effectively creating a ‘product specific’ coupon.

To create a product specific coupon code, follow these steps:
    E-Commerce >Shopping Cart >Manage Coupons & Discounts >Add a New Coupon > Product Rules > [select a Course] >Add Coupon
Product Coupon

When you’re using a product specific coupon, it is in best practice to use a dollar amount off (as opposed to percentage); the coupon is applied to the whole order, which may contain several courses and products beyond the one you’re trying to discount.

    You can see what course is required for a coupon to be effective by hovering over ‘product specific’ below the coupon code.
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