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Axis LMS Custom User Fields

With Axis LMS, you are able to streamline your signup and enrollment process by changing your custom fields from accepting any value, to limiting it to a few choices.

First you’ll need to go to your Custom Fields editor. You can find this by going to Users >Custom Fields.

Custom Fields

In addition to being able to name any of the 15 custom fields, you can also set different values that the user can choose from in the Values box below the field name. If you leave this box empty, the field will become a text input box. To have the custom field appear as a drop down to the user, you’ll want to to add items into the Values box, separating each item with the return or enter key.

Custom Fields Dropdown
Separate each drop down item with the Return or Enter key

After making changes to the custom fields, you can require users to fill them out (upon their next login) by going to System >Site Design > Learning Portal Website > Settings >User Profile Settings.

User Profile Settings

The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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