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Axis LMS Course Pages

When you’re creating a course inside Axis LMS, you are likely to have a multiple page course. There are tools to help you manage your pages, and brand them with your own logo and content, along with many other tools exclusive to Axis.

To start working with your Course Pages, select your course from the Manage Courses area, then click on the Page Manager icon.

Page Manager

Each page listed in the Page Manager Dashboard has a couple of options available before going into it:
  1. Edit (pencil icon) - will bring you into the page where you can then add different content
  2. Settings (gear icon) - will bring you to the settings for the page
  3. Duplicate (page icon) - will duplicate the page; it is useful if you’ve created a ‘template’ page
  4. Delete (X icon) - will remove the page. Use this carefully!
  5. Reorder (up and down arrow icons) - used to reorder your course pages. The top page is the default page
By default, your first course will have only 2 pages. However, you may add an unlimited number of pages by clicking on the Green + sign on the Page Manager Dashboard.

If you select the settings button for any page (the gear icon), you have several additional options available to you. You may change the Page Caption, check whether or not the page should appear in the navigations, set page hide / show requirements, and apply course specific CSS and Javascript (It is recommended you have some knowledge on the subject before using this).

Page Settings

Another advantage to using Course Pages inside Axis LMS is the ability to customize your Login, Enrollment, and Info page. To work on these pages, select the appropriate tab from the Page Manager Dashboard.

Course Info Page
The course info page is the page the users will navigate to while they’re searching through your Shopping Cart. The designer is optimized to make the customizing and branding of this page easier by including placeholders for adding the course to their cart.

Course Info Page

Enrollment Page
The enrollment page is where users can self enroll into your course. It has the same designer as the Course Info Page (with different placeholders). It also has the added precaution of a Proctor Code, as well as the ability to add both CSS and Javascript specific to this page.

Course Enrollment Page

Course Login Page
The course login page has all the same options as the Enrollment page, but with the option to redirect to the Portal Login Page (set by default) instead of a Proctor Code. If you check to have this page redirect to the Portal Login Page, there is no need to design this page; it will never be seen.
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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