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Axis LMS Calendar Entries

The Calendar App enables you to create entries for users to see on your Account Website and/or Learning Portal Website. In addition to entries you add via the Calendar App, other kinds of events may also appear on the user's calendar - for example, entries the user adds themselves, or events for live classes (if you are using them).

Creating and Managing Calendar Events

You access the Calendar from the System tab. Once there, you can either ADD a Calendar entry, or MANAGE (then edit) existing entries. When adding or editing an article, you can assign an entry caption, and entry details. You can also assign a date, or multiple dates (and times) for the entry. Lastly, you can set the entry to be public (will appear on website as well as learning portal), private (will only appear in learning portal) or a specific entry only visible for a certain usergroup.

Adding a Calendar to Your Account Website and/or Learning Portal Website

You can add calendar 'widgets' to your Account Website as well as your Learning Portal Website from the Site Designer ( SYSTEM > SITE DESIGN icon > ACCOUNT WEBSITE or SYSTEM > SITE DESIGN icon > LEARNING PORTAL WEBSITE ). From there, click ADD A PAGE (or EDIT an existing page), then click ADD WIDGET button, then click CALENDAR. You will see a daily and a monthly calendar widget you can add - click on one to insert it, then click the EDIT button at the bottom to configure the widget (the settings will be different depending on the widget you choose).

The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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