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Axis LMS - Adding effects and Animations in SlidePoint

If you've imported a PowerPoint into SlidePoint, you may notice that the animations have been stripped in the process. Luckily, the SlidePoint editor has dozens of built in functions to add some animation flair to your presentation for your users.

Once you're inside the SlidePoint editor, you'll want to open up the Quick Menu from the strip on the top right of the screen. With the Quick Menu open, select (or add) an object to manipulate; then open up the Properties from the Quick Menu.

The Selections Properties window is divided into 3 tabs: Properties, Effects, and On-Click.
This article will use very little of the Properties tab, but you can read more about it here.

The Effects tab is divided into 9 scenes. These scenes run automatically; they require no user action to trigger.
    To Add to a Scene
  1. Move the Object to its end location
  2. Click on the Effect Associated with the scene you're adding to
    (No Effect by default)
  3. Choose an Effect (Entrance or Exit)
  4. Choose an effect Speed
  5. "OK"
You can preview all the effects of all objects on your slide by clicking on the Preview (Slide) button.
    It is only possible for an object to have one event per a scene; other objects can have effects on the same scene.
Check out all the different animations in the short clip below:

The On-Click tab is for adding usability to the objects in your slide, making them function similar to buttons on a webpage.
Using the On-Click functions, your objects can:
  • Move users between Slides
  • Play Audio
  • Open a Webpage
  • Animate
  • Show Messages
  • Run a custom Javascript Function (Only Recommended for Advanced Users)

And adding these events is just as easy as adding to a Scene...
    To add an on-click function to an object:
  1. Select the Object
  2. Choose the action to attach to the object
    Check the Radio Box for the associated action.
    Click Animate to pull up the list of built-in animations
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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